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Are You Responsible for Your Product, for Sales or Even for Your Entire Business and Depend on Your Good Reputation to Succeed Going Forward? ...

There is now a new way to keep your web reputation in pristine condition while boosting your business up into the next league with literally more leads starting to hit your inbox than you can handle! Guaranteed!

Why Am I Talking To You - And Why Should You Take 5 Minutes...

Hi, I am Urs the Swiss and I have been an active Online Marketer for over 8 years.

Back in 2000, I founded my registered company and ever since I have been consulting and training customers, planning and running start-up projects, creating marketing and business campaigns for customers online and offline. In the meantime I count the 200-300 largest online presences in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the UK to our regular customers. So times are busy and very exciting!

So, why am I writing this and not Walt you saw in the video above? Well, the system I am going to show you here is based on Walt's service. I belong to a group of people who have joined Walt with the task of bringing that system to the attention of a large international group of individuals and companies that feel their web reputation is a valuable asset and needs to be protected.

I have worked with this system for a while now and have gathered ample experience to provide you additional insights, bonuses, step-by-step cheat-sheets, tips and tricks that - I think - will make it worthwhile to listen to me.

If at any point you would prefer to ​go to Walt's site directly, that is - of course - ok, too: This is the direct link to Walt's Site. (needless to say: I'd appreciate it if you stayed here with me... :) ) ... And I do have huge amounts of value added stuff for you...

Did You Know?
"4 Out Of 5 Will Move On If They See a Bad Review About You, Your Product or Your Company!"

In the video above you heard  the example about Quantas Airline where one customer was not happy and tweeted  to all of her 200'000 followers about her terrible experience with Quantas and how she will never fly with them ever again.

repwarn.pw helps protect against poor reviews

Well imagine what kind of impression that leaves with her friends and followers - all 200'000 of them. Think about just what you would think if a friend you trust told you about a bad experience with that airline. You would probably consider it and commit it to memory. You would put one black ugly little star behind the imaginary logo of Quantas the moment you read her tweet.

You might not immediatly react to it and you might even forget about it 2 minutes later. You might also correct your friends statement in your head and justify it with something like: "ah, she always exaggerates". Or: "oh poor sole, luckily that never happens to me..."

use repwarn.pw to protect agains bad reviews

But, you will somehow not be able to completely ban this bad report from your brain​. While not there prominently, it always remains that little blip in the back of you mind and the moment the subject comes up again, BAM, that little blip becomes much more important again.

repwarn.pw helps find people talking about you

Have you ever been involved in a conversation where people talk about a shop or a product and exchange their experiences? Did you have a chance to observe the dynamics of such a conversation? Did you see how one person might inject her experience and then the other joins in and aggravates the description. After a few moments, the group will reach an agreement (everybody is nodding and feels supported by the other) concluding that this particular company or that particular product were no good.

This is not always the case, of course, but it happens more often than you may think. Just look around and observe.​

Next time you need to decide to go with product A or product B, in many instances you will decide based on your gut feeling.

And guess where you get the gut feeling from?​ Exactly, from all those experiences that you have made in the past that now influence you. 

Ever felt, "something is not quite right" and took off? Ever had the gut feeling, that product is better than the other without ever having owned either of them?

Many of your decisions are based on your cumulative past experiences​. And that is exactly where bad reviews come in.

But you don't have to look so far! Look at the way you book a hotel these days: You go online, look for a number of suggestions and then proceed to check out the reviews.

If you find bad reviews, YOU WILL WALK, because why risk it when an alternative with better reviews is in the reach of the next click?​

And What Do the Big Dogs
Think About Bad Reviews?

It's not exactly a new subject. See what the big boys are saying:

Managing Online Reputation is Becoming a Business Imperative.

If your business depends on a positive internet reputation, then you have little choice than to explicitly manage that reputation online.

Gartner Group                 

So, In Short, Bad Reviews...

  • Create illwill. People are a movable bunch. Create enough momentum and they will start to hate you or your product.
  • Massively reduce people's preparedness to buy your products. Why risk it when others have already made a bad experience?
  •  Can go viral and become a "Shit-Storm". One tweet to 200'000 followers, and on and on... The media pick it up or opinion makers blog about it... There is no way of forecasting how the bad review gets passed on. But when it does, you want to know about it and counter-steer it.
  •  Cost you a lot of money, patience and nerves. Obviously, you don't like the effects of bad reviews. Finding them, addressing them and reversing them before they pull your company down, becomes an essential management task.
  • Need to be dealt with as soon as possible. The earlier the better. Communicate and fix it! But in order to do this quickly, you need to constantly monitor the Internet - not a small task!

It's Obvious Now: YOU Need to Monitor the Web and Address Bad Press Swiftly!

That means that you need to:

  • Monitor...

All Web Sources

RepWarn.pw Monitoring Websources

All Social Networks

repwarn.pw monitors social networks
  • React quickly, before the situation gets out of hand
  • And you need a tool that allows you to do both very efficiently.

There are reputation management companies that will perform that service for you. Needless to say, such services don't come cheap. The typical reputation monitoring management​ service costs anywhere upwards of $1000 per month. Companies pay them 100s of thousands of Dollars every year. And it is still worth it to them, because they simply can't afford letting bad press go viral on the Internet.

So, if you don't want to spend that kind of cash, you need a tool to monitor the entire web for you 24/7 and alert you when you, your product or your company are talked about, bad-mouthed or worse.

And it even makes sense to suggest such a tool to your reputation management service - if you are already paying big bucks -to instantly reduce their workload and your cost...​

Now, I can hear you say:​

"So What Tool Are You Talking About?"

It is a tool that was developed by Walt (the guy in the video above) during the last 18 months. He spent way over $100'000 on its development and testing and has now finally released it to the public:

The incredible tool that will revolutionize Reputation Management is....​

Drumroll.... - RepWarn

The Service that is the Perfect Resolution
to the Reputation Management Problem.

RepWarn.pw is the Web Monitoring Software that will watch your back 24/7!

  1. RepWarn.pw Monitors the Web 24/7: It searches social media and the entire web for your brand, name, product or service. That saves you the salary of 1 to 4 employees doing that for you.
  2. Define Any Keyword Search Terms (unlimited!): Use RepWarn.pw to search for your AND ALSO for your competitors' names and products, or any keyword that you would like to do research on. This lets you SPY on anything you want on the Internet.
  3. RepWarn.pw Alerts You Instantly: by mail or on your mobile device and keeps a running record of all your research. 
  4. Respond Quickly: You want to react on your mobile as soon as somebody posts a message, you can with the free included mobile App. Post a message directly from the App or the mail alert. That is fast and lets you address the problem when it arises.
  5. PLUS** - RepWarn.pw Generates More Leads Than You Can Handle: Enter Keywords like "need carpenter in Boston" and receive alerts from people searching a carpenter right now. This feature allone is worth GOLD.
  6. And Much, Much More ...
This is the much talked about RepWarn.pw Software

"A nifty tool... and very effective..."

What is RepWarn?

Repwarn is your 24 x 7 Web monitor. You can monitor your BRANDS, Your Products, Your People and even your competitors. Keep track of unlimited keywords and phrases.

Anytime anyone mentions your key words or phrases, even if they are sending an angry tweet about you, or posting a review on yelp

REPWARN will know.

If you KNOW about what people are saying, you can deliver the service to make them happy. It's communication! Too often though, You simply don't know until it is too late.

What about lead generation?

Set Repwarn to hunt for people that ask their friends "Does anyone know of a good.....(insert your service)"

And watch the best leads in the world be delivered straight to your fingertips.

Where Does RepWarn Search?

Facebook. Twitter. TripAdvisor. Yelp. Youtube. Blogs. Forums. Google+ You Name it!

The places where your customers make or break your business. The places where conversations happen, where interaction happens and where people reach out using technology.

You may already know that 80% of people change their buying decision after reading a bad review online. And you may never know the review is there, you may not even know there was a problem… but you’re still losing a lot of customers.

Repwarn monitors for you night and day.

Any Keywords. Any Sector... If anyone mentions your name, your brand, your products or even your competitors - you will know about it instantly. (PLUS Repwarn can generate sales for you by delivering high interest leads, direct to you.)

Now, you could spend every waking moment searching the internet for every mention of your business.

You could even try and optimize your sites, to attract them and HOPE you end up above your competitors

Or, you could use RepWarn.

Key Features
(What RepWarn Does for You...)

Instant Notification

Receive an email the instant RepWarn detects someone using your brand name or any keyword you define an alert for.

Knowing about an unpleasant situation in time empowers you to react and solve the problem, upkeeping your company's and your brand's good reputation which will ultimately contribute hugely to your continued success​.

'Point and Click' Simplicity

Setting up your monitoring is as easy as 1,2,3

The process is so simple, your 8 year old child or any outsourcer can do it.​

This way you spend very little time fumbling with the tool and instead use your time productively communicating with your clients. And that is what generates business after all. Right?

repwarn constantly monitoring the web

Constant Vigilance

RepWarn scans the web every 5 minutes, so you'll always be one of the first to know when someone posts a review of your business or attacks your product or brand.

This way you can react instantly and solve problems before they escalate. And that maintains your good reputation in the market.

repwarn.pw each notification with direct link

Direct Links

Every e-mail alert to you includes a link straight to the conversation that triggered the alert, so you can directly jump in and make sure your voice get heard.

That way you should find it very easy to communicate with customers and leads and steer them in the direction you want: Be that you want to sell more or you want to provide the best possible customer service so your company is regarded as the goto organization in your field.

repwarn.pw knows what people say about you

Complete Knowledge

With RepWarn's targeted search algorithms, you'll know everything people are saying about you, where ever it's being said.

This way, you are always top informed, on top of things - in control!

Knowledge is power. Use it to steer your company to success and to avoid hick-ups that may ruin all your prior work invested in your company / product.

Get more sales because of repwarn.pw

More Sales

Setting RepWarn as your lead generation tool - the links of people who are looking online for your product or service are delivered straight to your inbox.

That means, you get access to the very conversation somebody is having right now about the subject you defined as an alert in RepWarn.​

Leads don't come more targeted than this. All you need to do is click the link an join the conversation. - no need to warm up the subject or introduce the person to the benefits of your product or solution, because that person already wants your product!

Do you think you can make some good sales under these circumstances?​


A quick comparison to what else there is out there...

Compare repwarn.pw to

Frankly, that is why we created RepWarn!

How the Mobile App Works

Log in to your account.

You’ll get the details a few minutes after you sign up, so keep an eye out for the e-mail.

Enter your search terms

and hit ‘CREATE ALERT’ (actually, you could enter anything here – maybe you want to find out when people are looking for a business like yours, or what they’re saying about your competitors… with RepWarn, you can do it all)

RepWarn scans the web

– and keeps scanning. It’ll run a search 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. As soon as someone mentions your brand, keywords and phrases, you’ll know.

When someone’s talking,

you’ll get an e-mail and application notification to let you know.

repwarn use your iPhone or Android to receive instant messages

Watch This 60 Second Overview

See What Some Of Our Customers
Have To Say

Max HigginsAIS Electrical

Monitoring your reputation is absolutely KEY, but RepWarn makes it easy. We also set the system to receive alerts for anyone looking for electricians in our area and have picked up a lot of business already! Love Repwarn! Great System

George Pangalos Barry Plant Real Estate

Wow! Real Estate agents go to all lengths to know what is happening in their neighbourhoods. Repwarn makes the monitoring SO easy. One (well placed) Alert and we pick up listings from anyone looking in the area - and can keep tabs on people looking for houses in the area. Amazing!

Neil Zammit AllWays Caravan Hire

The best part is - that looking for new business is always a challenge. With Repwarn, we have a 24x7 monitor for anyone that is 'asking the internet' about services we provide. Reputation is everything and Repwarn let's us have an 'eye out' for anyone that talks about our brand or service. 5 Stars from me

“In hospitality - reputation is everything."

At Saffire we were voted the best luxury boutique in the world. That doesn’t come easily. Now with RepWarn, we are able to monitor and interact with any of our guests or media that are referencing the resort in any media on the web.

Justin about RepWarn
Justin King, General Manager, Saffire Hotel and Resort.

This is how Restaurants benefit from RepWarn.pw

All Right! Enough Already.
Where Can I Sign Up?

We could give you a long-winded explanation here of how we first thought that we should ask for  $10'000 per year and then after intense internal discussions came down to $5'000 but finally decided to let you in for $997...

Frankly, we don't like these marketing tactics and don't want to insult you! So here are the payment plans: straight and clear:​

Payment Plans

RepWarn is a SaS (Software as Service) solution.​ That means you don't have to install or maintain it, you don't have to host it or update it. We do all that for you. Plus you get automatically all updates and additions to the service as we keep developing them.

For one payment plan you get both solutions in one product: the Web Monitoring System AND the Lead Generation ​Tool.

Monthly Plan

Flexible and cancellable anytime

Unlimited alerts and keywords

  • Web, blogs, forums, images, news, videos
  • facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Google+, Instagram, Yelp

24/7 Access, instant results

Mobile App for Android and iOS

In-App Preview and Reply

Email Alerts

Backdated Results

Data Export

30 Days Full Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

$97 Monthly

Annual Plan

Settle it once p.a. and benefit every single day

Save $167

Unlimited alerts and keywords

  • Web, blogs, forums, images, news, videos
  • facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Google+, Instagram, Yelp

24/7 Access, instant results

Mobile App for Android and iOS

In-App Preview and Reply

Email Alerts

Backdated Results

Data Export

30 Days Full Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

$997 Yearly

Feel this is too much for you right now?

And Why is This Service
So Valuable to You?

Your Reputation

Leads - Prospects - Sales!
More than you can handle.

Mobile App
All Inclusive!

  • Reputation Management has become a very important task for companies of any size. Not knowing about a bad review can cost you many sales and customers. 
    > Reacting  instantly to bad reviews and clarifying a situation and solving a problem will often reverse a bad review into a good review, creating more business for you going forward.
  • A bad review can go viral and "infect" thousands or even millions of people's minds with bad "JuJu" against your company and brand. You really want to avoid a so-called shit-storm.
    > RepWarn intercepts bad press before it has a chance to go viral. Its alerts empower you to stay ahead of such developments upkeeping your company's good reputation guaranteeing continued success with your business.
  • To browse the web and all relevant social media manually  is a never-ending boring job - and it is very easy to miss important developments or bad press that requires an instant reaction.  
    > You simply delegate this task to RepWarn and relax because you know RepWarn will inform you as soon as you need to know.

    That is like having 4 to 10 employees working in shifts around the clock scouring the web, but you can now save this expense.
  • How much is a new customer worth to you? How much with the first sale - and how much for the first year? And what's the life time value of a new customer? $100, $1'000, $20'000, or even more?

    Then ask yourself how many good leads do you need to get one new customer? 5, 10, 20?

    When you now devide your customer's life time value by the number of leads (example: $5'000 : 20 leads = $250) you get the average value of a new good lead.

    Well, RepWarn can deliver new good leads to you. Simply define an alert as a term that a potential customer might type into a twitter or facebook conversation (like: "Does anyone know of a good... [insert your service]")

    Then watch out for the best leads in the world be delivered straight to your fingertips...

    So how much do you think an automated alert like that would be worth to you?
  • RepWarn does not care whether the alerts it creates are about your products or about affiliate products.

    So, if you are looking for very targeted traffic to your or someone else's products, RepWarn delivers interested and targeted leads.

    So, it looks like you have found yourself a new very targeted traffic source that is very likely to make your campaigns highly profitable.

    Just think about high ticket affiliate products. How much commission do you think you could make from a sale of a yacht or a private plane. Think big because with leads from RepWarn the sky is the limit.
  • So, you want to stay informed when you are away from your office?
    > RepWarn offers you a free mobile app for your Apple iOS or your Android mobile device.

    This app sends you the alerts right to your device and gives you up-to-date access to the latest developments on the net about relevant keywords so you can instantly react and answer issues and solve problems when they are most important to your customer.

    And that  of course guarantees happy clients and good reviews. And we all know how good reviews work wonders for our revenue streams!

Start Your, No Risk, 30-day trial!

Feel free to jump right to the order form.

Repwarn.pw comes with a 30 Day Risk FREE Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Let’s face it… whatever a website says, there’s no substitute for trying things out for yourself.

So that’s what you’ve got the chance to do.

Try RepWarn out for 30 days (fully-features, no ‘demo’ or ‘trial’ version). If at any point you think it’s not right for you, just send an e-mail to support@umo.zendesk.com and your membership will be cancelled, and all your money returned.

It can’t get fairer than that, right?

Give us a try today

The finance industry is SUPER Competitive and we pay a fortune for leads. With Repwarn, we have an incredible monitoring system that is scouring the internet for us and bringing people to us that are actively looking for finance or wealth planning. Talk about value! This tool is an amazing sales generator

John Fernance Yellow Brick Road Finance

FAQ / Objections

Q: I can't afford $997 or even $97

We understand - and you're right RepWarn is not cheap.

But the question you have to ask yourself is: "Is RepWarn worth its price to you (and more)? And there are really two componets to this:

  1. What is your reputation worth to you? Do you risk to lose just a single sale if a prospect sees a bad review about you? Do you risk several sales? Do you risk your business? You alone know how much you risk by losing your good reputation.
    In this sense consider RepWarn as an insurance policy a small price to pay to uphold your valuable reputation.
  2. How much are additional leads worth to you? We demonstrated how RepWarn can generate red hot leads, targeted for you to sell to. 
    Do you need more leads, more sales? How many leads would you need to pay for this service?

Clearly cost is always a consideration, but a sound business decision is based on a cost/reward concept - on ROI (return on investment). If you are running a business, you will quickly see the rewards largely surpassing the cost.

Oh, and remember the 100% full satisfaction guarantee: If you're not happy during the first 30 days, you get a full refund.

And if you're still not conviced, there is one more solution we can offer you: The $1 trial. If you prefer to "ride it before you buy it", you can sign up for $1 and use RepWarn for 7 days (full functionality).

7 day (full functionality) $1 Trial Option:
Monthly Payment
  • $1 now for 1st 7 days
  • $97 monthly
Annual Payment
  • $1 now for 1st 7 days
  • $997 annually

Of course, you can cancel your subscription any time during the trial period.

Nahh, I know this is good, I might as well subscribe now...

Q: Am I locked in for a long time?

You’re not locked in at all. You can cancel your membership at any time and you won’t be charged another cent. Not only that, but you’ll be able to keep using RepWarn right up until the end of the current billing period.

Q: Is there a trial?

Yes! We want you to feel comfortable and experience RepWarn working for you. Quick to setup, you will have the system working hard for you within minutes.

You enjoy a full 30 days' trial period within which you can ask for a full refund. Use the software to the fullest extent. If you're not happy, you pay nothing! 

Q: Will RepWarn really find every bad review?

99.9% of them. No search system is perfect, so there is a small chance one will get through the net. But because RepWarn’s searching every 5 minutes, if it doesn’t find the review, chances are it’s buried so deep no-one else will ever see it either.

Q: How much do you charge for support?

Nothing. As much support as you need is completely free. Of course, we’ve tried to make RepWarn so easy to use that we don’t think there’s much chance you’ll need it, but if you do, just contact our support and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.

There is no reason why you should not try out RepWarn right now. If you can think of one, let us know here.

OK, It's Decision Time

There is nothing more we would like to add to the description of this wonderful service. 

The next step is to experience it yourself. Jump in and take the plunge. You will not regret it.​

Start Your, No Risk, 30-day trial!

Feel free to jump right to the order form.

"This is a cool tool that brings a lot of new leverage to the table. Not to be missed."

Urs  the  Swiss

P.S.: RepWarn is an incredible tool, efficient, quick and practical - and best of all: fun to work with!” Find out stuff about you, your product, your brand, your employees, your neighbours, your competitors that is "locked away" deep in the web. And - the ultimate kick - find people absolutely looking exactly for what you have to offer

P.P.S. This is the tool you should get your hands on before your competitor does...​

P.P.P.S. Start a conversation with your friends and discuss it. Click the social network of your choice to start the discussion:

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